RULES for using the Classifieds Forums

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RULES for using the Classifieds Forums

Postby GPONA » Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:41 pm

RULES for using the Classifieds Forums


Failure to follow these rules may result in your threads being locked, deleted, or moved. Depending on the severity of your actions, or frequency of your actions, your user account could be suspended or banned.

1. CONSOLIDATE all of your for sale items into ONE thread. Do not post a separate ad for each item, or we will just delete your threads.

2. PRICE IS REQUIRED. We do not permit ads without an asking price for each item. "Best Offer" is not an allowable substitute for posting a price. You may ask for $1 but a price must be listed regardless.

3. EBAY LINKS AND OTHER LINKS. We allow links to ebay ads, but you MUST have a buy-it-now price posted, or an asking price to stop the auction in your ad here (Not just in the link). If it is from another site or from here, do not use a link but post the full text instead with pictures if you have them listed.

4. CITY / STATE are required info for each ad. Buyers and sellers reserve the rights to privately ask for full contact information on any purchase or sale.

5. WRONG FORUMS. Do not post "Parts Wanted" threads in the for sale forum. We have a separate Parts Wanted forum. Vehicles also belong in the vehicles for sale forum.

6. TTT / BUMPING. Do not "TTT" to-the-top or "Bump" your threads to the top of the forum more than ONCE per day. If you do this more than permitted, we may just delete your thread. Be considerate to others, your ad is not any more special than theirs. This includes "Payment sent", "Received Payment" and general chatter. **see posts below for further details on this.

7. MEMBER FEEDBACK. Do not post member feedback in the classifieds forums. We have a separate "Member Feedback" forum at the bottom of the sales area of the main forum index.

8. SELLER HARASSMENT. If you are not interested in buying something from someone, do not negatively haggle them about the price, or post things that intend to hurt potential sales. Comments should be kept constructive.

9. NO TWO PARTY SALES. This means no more "I'm selling for a friend" posts and will be deleted immediately with no notice. Seller assumes all responsiblity of anything they post for sale.

10. FRAUD & RISK. Buy and Sell at your own risk. GPONA and its staff are not responsible if someone rips you off or doesn't send parts out in a timely manner. This classifieds section is a free service for the community, and it is YOUR responsibility to handle all transactions in a low-risk method. DO NOT contact us if there is a dispute between you and someone else, we are NOT INVOLVED. You can help minimize fraud risk by doing these suggestions.

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